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22052 W. 66th Street Suite 200
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Alliance Policy Platform 2016

The Alliance for Childhood Education is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of business leaders and the only regional organization focused exclusively on education policy and systems in Kansas and Missouri. ACE promotes high-quality education for all Kansas and Missouri children, from pre-Kindergarten through post-secondary.


Investments in high-quality early care and education programs like the Missouri Preschool Project, Parents as Teachers, Early Head Start, First Steps and Home Visitation

All Missourians benefit from voluntary early childhood education. Children start school ready to succeed, and taxpayers save money because early childhood education lowers drop-out rates, reduces crime and cuts the cost of social services.

Raise Your Hand for Kids

The Alliance is proud to launch and support Raise Your Hand for Kids.  Created as a 501(C)(4), RYH4K is pursuing a November 2016 ballot initiative to increase Missouri's tobacco tax and invest the new revenues in early childhood education and health screenings for children ages birth to five. The funds will go directly to communities, giving them local control and preventing politicians in Jefferson City from swapping funds at the state level.  Visit to learn more and get involved http://www.raiseyourhandforkids.org/.


The Children’s Initiate Fund (CIF)

The CIF will be one of the most important elements of the early education system in Kansas.  The CIF funds the majority of early childhood programs, and the system of oversight for this funding source ensures that programs are evidence-based and coordinated.  However, CIF funding has remained stagnant for more than half a decade resulting in a significant strain on programs and creating the need for increased funding in order to maintain current service levels.  One of our top priorities will be to ensure that all CIF funding is directed to programs focused on early childhood care and education and use the money previously directed to other programs to provide an across the board increase to strengthen early childhood programs allowing them to maintain a robust level of services.

Child Care Assistance / CCDBG

Child care assistance improves the quality of care for young children and helps keep low-income parents working. The 2016 legislative session offers a unique opportunity to strengthen child care assistance in Kansas as part of the implementation of the reauthorized Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG). CCDBG serves as the major source of funding for child care assistance, and its reauthorization requires a number of updates to state policies. Work groups are currently being formed across the state for Participant Recruitment; Monitoring, Admin Procedures; Quality Indicators; Professional Development/TA/ Supports; Communications.

Reviewing Kansas child care policy presents the opportunity to increase reimbursement rates for child care providers. Reimbursement rates for subsidized care in Kansas have not been increased since 2002, resulting in a growing disparity between private payment levels and state child care assistance payment levels. This creates a challenge for providers facing increased costs, as well as for families seeking care. The Alliance supports increased reimbursement rates to better reflect current market rates. This will help high-quality child care providers remain in business and participate in the child care assistance program.

Every Student Achieves Act/ESEA Funding

Summaries of early childhood provisions here: http://www.edcentral.org/every-student-succeeds-act-early-learning/ and http://info.teachstone.com/blog/president-signs-every-student-succeeds-act.  The Alliance will work with state partners to apply for the funding.